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Matthew McAuliffe, MD
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Fellowship-trained in Sports and Spine Medicine

Dr. Matthew McAuliffe specializes in Interventional Spine and Sports Medicine with background training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He treats patients ranging from children to older adults and a broad array of common and complex spine, neuromuscular and musculoskeletal conditions.

He completed his undergraduate training at Arizona State University and his medical degree at Pennsylvania State Medical School. Dr. McAuliffe next finished an internship at Louisiana State University, followed by residency training in physical medicine and rehabilitation at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. He furthered his medical training by completing fellowship-training in interventional spine and sports with Marko Bodor, MD. The Bodor Clinic was among the first to combine high resolution ultrasound with computers (EMG) to diagnose muscle and nerve disorders. Dr. McAuliffe is board-certified in electrodiagnostic medicine by the American Board of Electrodiagnostic Medicine.

Dr. McAuliffe is experienced in diagnostic ultrasound. He can diagnose rotator cuff tears, ulnar collateral ligament tears of the elbow, glut medius / minimus tears, tendinosis in any of the above tendons, ligament disease, calcific tendonitis, and other tendon or ligament tears. Ultrasound is more sensitive than MRI for a number of conditions including rotator cuff tears.

Dr. McAuliffe has also used ultrasound to assist in surgical planning. "Ultrasound is a powerful diagnostic and treatment tool. It's pretty fun and exciting to be apart of helping diagnose and cure complex problems that don’t fit neatly into one particular specialty,” Dr. McAuliffe explains.

Dr. McAuliffe's goal is to diagnose and cure complex problems that don't fit neatly into one particular specialty or have a straightforward solution. He uses a variety of methods to diagnose and treat problems including performing nerve conduction studies, electromyography, musculoskeletal ultrasound and a variety of image-guided procedures.

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Dr. McAuliffe is proficient in the following image-guided procedures:

* Cervical, thoracic, lumbar procedures - transforaminal, interlaminar, facet joint, medial branch blocks, radiofrequency ablation
* SI joint injections, caudal epidurals (Dr. McAuliffe prefers to do these both under ultrasound when appropriate.)
* Regenerative medicine for the facet joints above with PRP or stem cells,
* Intradiskal PRP or stem cell treatment as well for lumbar and low thoracic

Ultrasound (both steroid and regenerative medicine joint injections):

* Large joint injections - including hip, knee, shoulder, SI Joint
* Small and medium joint injections - including any hand joint, any foot joint, wrist, elbow, acromioclavicular, sternoclavicular, etc
* Bursa injections - subacromial, trochaneteric
* Nerve blocks - carpal tunnel injections, lateral femoral cutaneous nerve blocks, illioinguinal nerve blocks, and intercostal nerve blocks
* Caudal epidural injections
* Cervical facet, thoracic facet, thoracic costovertebral joint
* Ligament injections - including ACL, PCL, MCL of knee etc.
* Tendon injections - commonly regenerative medicine procedures including rotator cuff, common extensor tendon elbow (tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis), plantar fascia for plantar fasciitis, glut medius/minimus tendons for trochanteric pain syndrome, and other ligaments.
* Rotator cuff calcific tendonitis aspiration / lavage and calcific lavage.
* Ganglion cyst aspirations (usually in hand, but also have done in knee meniscus, foot, spenoglenoid notch and AC joints of the shoulder.
* Trigger finger injections/releases and needle tenotomy for carpal tunnel release and Electrodiagnostic studies


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