About Spine Nevada Telemedicine

Telemedicine Visits for spine, joint, musculosketelal conditions

The current COVID-19 pandemic is far-reaching and impacting communities everywhere. Spine Nevada is expanding our telemedicine capabilities in order to meet you where you are. We are here for you during this uncertain time. We understand that patient needs don’t stop during this emergency declaration. We want you to know that we have implemented telemedicine visits that can be done in the safety and comfort of your home. We also understand that this emergency may be causing financial stress for many of our patients. As a result, we are waiving any copays and coinsurance for the telemedicine services during this emergency declaration. Please request an appointment here or call us at 775-348-8800 to find out more.

SpineNevada telemedicine allows patients to use a smartphone, tablet, or computer, for a spine and musculoskeletal healthcare visit — from the comfort of home or office. Telemedicine visits are available through WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype and Zoom.

Specialty visits available through SpineNevada TeleMedicine include:

Visits for spine and musculoskeletal conditions (for example: back and neck pain, hip and knee pain, shoulder and elbow pain, foot and ankle pain)

Specialty visits with:

  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation MDs & APRNs
  • Pain Medicine MD’s
  • Board-Certified or Eligible Neurological Surgeons with Fellowship-Training and PA-C’s
  • Physical Therapists (Spine, Orthopedic, Musculoskeletal & Neurological specialized therapists)
  ** SpineNevada Physical Therapy offers remote and customized physical therapy options through Salaso.

SpineNevada is the first musculoskeletal and spine center practice in the United States to offer remote and customized physical therapy options through Salaso. Salaso is focused on supporting physical therapists in using technology to treat more patients and deliver higher quality, more effective care to greater numbers of people. By enhancing the connection between patients and physical therapists, this empowers patients in self-care and self-management with exercise.

SpineNevada's InMotion Physical Therapy (PT) program was created by physical therapists for people of all ages who would like to improve how their body moves. The InMotion Physical Therapy program is available for access through a web portal and App on iPad, iPhone and Android. The app helps you recover faster from injury or other chronic conditions, and improve your performance while on the go.

Please click here to access SpineNevada's InMotion Physical Therapy web portal and app for Ipad, Iphone and Android. If you do not have an account already, please contact SpineNevada Physical Therapy at 775-348-8885 to request an account.

Watch a video detailing the safety precautions in place at Spine Nevada

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